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Our Advantages

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Compare us to all the others!

# 1:
We represent only the best musical groups
We have long-standing relationships with many of the finest musical groups and musicians in New England (and throughout the country). Unlike typical agencies, we deal only with a small number of groups that meet both our high musical standards and our commitment to client satisfaction. By pre-selecting only the finest ensembles and musicians, we save you the time and trouble of evaluating all the others. While others may offer you hundreds of bands to choose from, we assure you we won’t!

# 2: The simple no-pressure way to shop
No heavy handed sales pitches. No pressure to “just sign now on the dotted line”. Just honest presentations of all the ensembles. When you’re ready to make a decision, we’ll be there for you.

# 3: We offer free expert advice throughout the entire process, from your first contact until after the completion of your engagement
Just call or email us anytime! We’ll answer all your questions and provide expert advice. For example, we offer advice in choosing the appropriate musical selections for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Even if you don’t select Eastwood Productions, we’re ready to assist you.

# 4: Easy payment terms
No high up-front deposits. Our payment terms are both lenient and convenient for you.

# 5: The best values in New England
Because of our long-term relationships, our musical ensembles offer not only the highest quality performances but also reasonable prices.

What’s our secret?
Our satisfied clients spread the word. They’re our best sales representatives and an excellent source of referrals. We can pass our savings on advertising on to you.

We encourage you to shop around and compare our personalized service and reasonable prices to all the others: it helps to prove our point!

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